The ultimate in hair and scalp pampering

by | July 5, 2022

Coulisse Heir launches its flagship store and changes the way we look at hair salons.



Luxury hair and scalp care specialist, Coulisse Heir, has launched its flagship store at ION Orchard mall that brings the ultimate in pampering. You will never look at the usual hair salon the same way.

As you enter the store, you don’t see seats all lined up on the sides but individual rooms or “pods” as they are called on each side; there is even a pod catered to couples. You won’t have to hear other customers talking again. It is a full-service hair salon providing everything from hair services, as well as scalp services. This writer got to experience one of those scalp treatments called co-cleanse therapy, which is a basic cleansing routine.

The pod.

However, before the treatment begins, you are first led to a consultation room where pictures of your scalp are taken to show your problem areas and what specific treatment you might need. After which, you are off to your own pod. Your bag is placed safely on a pedestal and you sit on an adjustable seat, where you can lean back and your legs elevated. You are even given a blanket, a hot drink and a biscuit on the side.

All services are done in your pod. You heard it right, you don’t have to get up to get your hair washed; the wash basin is in your pod and you literally never leave your chair! Why would you want to?

After brushing your scalp with two hair brushes to destress your scalp and a shoulder massage to relieve stress and encourage healthy circulation, the treatment begins. The therapist puts something called scalp flex containing charcoal, fruit acid and konjac which is said to absorb any toxins and extra sebum. You then get double-cleansed with a cleanser containing eucalyptus which is said to get rid of pollutants, dust and other grime. Next, comes a hair mask as well as an essence to strengthen the roots and give them nutrients.

In-house products.

The treatment which lasts a little over an hour doesn’t end there. You get a scalp massage and the use of chromotherapy (colour and light) technology that is said to stimulate hair cells and hair growth. All this while listening to French music, keeping in line with the subtle French theme including the name of the salon – ‘Coulisse’, which means backstage/behind the blinds in French, while ‘Heir’ is a wordplay on the word, ‘Hair’.

If you want to go further beyond just the co-cleanse therapy, there are other intensive scalp treatments like Empower (which stimulates hair growth), Energise (which strengthen hair roots) or Recharge (which improves scalp). Coulisse Heir’s hair services and scalp therapies start from S$157.

What if you want to enjoy some of what was used such as the cleanser or hair mask in the comfort of your home? The salon makes available its in-house products, which start from S$77. So in other words, your pampering can continue even at home.




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