My golden years

by | March 26, 2013

A senior shares in a poem what her golden years means to her.


BY: Maureen Tay


In my golden years I may be
Age is fast creeping up on me
And WiFi to me is quite a chore
But nothing can make me a bore.

Time and tide wait for no man
I will take the world while I can
Sail on moonbeams way up high
Paint pretty rainbows as I go by.

I will laugh at every silly joke
Enjoy a sip of carbonated Coke
Bond new friendships day by day
Together in harmony – work or play.

Exercise to fitness be daily routine
New hobbies stimulate interests within
Healthy food puts the body in wellness bay
And an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The golden years be the best time in life
With experiences to share and reminisce
When the curtain falls upon my star
I will exit in style to that land afar. 

My memoirs will then be a legacy
To the world in my memory
I had threaded life at my liberty
Woven in love, sunshine and charity.    


Maureen Tay (right), 67, keeps her golden years active and productive by volunteering in a seniors’ wellness programme. “Retirement grants me fresh avenues that I had not the time for in my working days. Now as I connect with the seniors, we are on an exploration together to discover new meanings of shared interests. We are gallantly moving forward.” She added: “With time in my hands, I indulge in my passion to pen lines that rhyme, try new recipes, travel to broaden my perspectives and take in the beauties around me – certainly I remember to smell the roses.” 

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  1. Anthony Christopher Lim

    Your poem above is very heartwarming and inspiring, Maureen. You certainly have a talent for creative writing, enhancing your life purposefully, productively and meaningfully. Do continue to do what you love and love what you do.
    Warmest regards always,

    • agelessadmin

      Thanks, Anthony for your comments. I will let Maureen know about this 🙂

  2. Grace Wong

    Dear Maureen,

    Thank You so much for the wonderful Inspiring Sharing.. You are a Great Writer..



    • agelessadmin

      Thanks, Grace, for your comments. I will let Maureen know.

  3. eddie chong

    For me, 73, it is not like ‘age is catching up’, it is here, tangible and real. The metaphor of the Rainbow for rebirth, renewal, an opportunity at re-construction – should be a realisation that ”age” is not a beast but a pet to nurtured with care and loved. It should be cherished and shared too, to make oneself available not only to the same ‘age’ spectrum, seniors have an accountability to God who gifted the precious commodity to balance the ”sheet” with the young too. For youth is the stuff from which seniors are made of.

  4. Fang Mei Lih

    Aunty Maureen,
    Kudos, you are a great inspiration to the young
    and old generation. So proud of you.


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