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Tonic of music

Seniors with no musical experience were giving a chance to learn and show off their skills.


Abundant learning opportunities at 50plus 2017

The largest forum has to date 72 talks on a wide range of subjects including health and wellness, active ageing and financial literacy.


Never too late to learn

More than 160 seniors participated in seven ILP workshops and worked with their junior buddies.


Learning a big focus at 50plus EXPO

C3A announced two learning initiatives that were piloted last year and have since taken off.


ACES in the hole

The ACES Club, which is mirrored from AARP in the US, is hoping to get older adults to remain relevant and a source of inspiration for their community.


A university for seniors

Believing that one shouldn’t stop learning even at 80, a 67-year-old starts a community of learners so to keep minds active as long as possible.


Lifelong learners

These lifelong learners are defying stereotypes as well as their own beliefs, thanks to the ILP programme by the Council for Third Age.


Grandma’s a techie

You are never too old to learn new things.


Never too old to learn

Two graduates from the WSQ in Community and Social Services (Senior Services) certificate courses at Hua Mei Training Academy fill much needed roles in a rapidly ageing population.