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Singapore ranks as second most hard-working city in Asia

Several factors contributed to this decision including the length of commute, arrival time at work, hours worked per week, and vacation days taken.


Ageing workforce

Mercer ageing workforce report shares that Singapore productivity loss due to sickness absenteeism may reach S$3.3 billion by 2030.


Changing seniors’ mindsets

The Centre For Seniors’ programme provides the tools to seniors so they can be self-aware and have meaningful lives.


Work smart if you are older

Some useful tips for seniors who want to re-join the workforce or want to remain in the same organisation.


Seeking care anytime, anywhere

Portal for careseekers looking for help and for those seniors looking for that second career.


The old times

As a cash register technician, Wee Char Lee has seen how machines have evolved – from mechanical to now electronic. And his job was not all that safe either during his time.


An extra helping hand

A non-profit organisation in the heart of Chinatown helps the needy and elderly provide for themselves.


Giving seniors job opportunities

What started out as a bridge to help friends find jobs after their retrenchment has turned into a full-fledged company that focuses on getting seniors work.


Her days at the airport

Belinda Thia shares her working experience in the Housekeeping Department at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. The hotel recently got the “Caring Employer” award by the Singapore Compact for CSR for employing persons with disabilities (PWD) as well as matured workers.


A caring employer

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport has been hiring matured workers as well as persons with disabilities and as such, has won an award for its efforts.