Prebiotic honey

Improve your good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut and boost your digestive health.


Scrub it away

Three scrubs for different purposes.


Get an EDGE and REVIVE your brain

A natural supplement that enhances mental agility and optimises cognitive performance.


Breathe in good air

Air conditioner filter that removes airborne particles like dirt, pollen and smoke.


Oh, honey!

New packaging and honey in lozenges.


Kinmemai brand launches in Singapore

The products will include the Kinmemai Better White and Better Brown which is different from conventional white and brown rice products.


Celebrating 125 years

Ayam Brand launches healthy and affordable options, as well as a series of events.


No more ouch

These sensitive skin products provide pain-free removal and are ideal for those with fragile skin.


Hip protection

These comfortable pants protect the hips from a fall that could lead to loss of mobility and independence.


Get your exercise with a trike

This tricycle allows those even with physical disabilities to enjoy cycling.