Fabric softener

Get your fabric soft with this new collaboration with TinyTAN.

Digestive and health supplements

Supplements to help support the heart, relieve pain and boost your immune system.

Get your vitamins & minerals

Drop a tablet in water and get your boost each day.

New soda for the festive season

The Italian Blood Orange Soda can be perfectly paired with a variety of different premium spirits.

Smallest off-the-ear cochlear implant sound processor

It offers direct streaming from compatible Apple or Android devices.

Multi-temperature water dispenser with icemaker

It dispenses purified water in five different temperatures and makes ice cubes in small and large sizes to meet all your drinking needs.

National Day watch

G-Shock comes up with a watch designed by a local artist.

Non-alcoholic cocktails in a can

Lyre’s introduces pre-mixed non-alcoholic cocktails to sip on the go.

Wireless earbuds

Enjoy tangle-free music on the go.

Bacteria, virus-killing mouthwash

New Orasyl mouthwashes comes in two types.

Disposable KN95 respirator

The respirator protects against airborne particulates, PM 2.5 and allergens.

Essential oil with disinfectant properties

A solution for a diffuser to help eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses.

Joint pain reliever

A joint supplement containing Japanese white turmeric.

Fresh air in the home

Sharp introduces an air purifier that purifies, humidifies, kills bacteria and works like a fan in one singular unit.

Keep track of your training

G-SHOCK has new designs to cover your day-to-day training to extreme sports.