Understanding older workers

A report brief by the Centre for Ageing Research and Education on the triumphs and tribulations of older workers.

Retire well

AMBER by Etiqa supports customers physical, mental and financial health.

Singaporean retirees regret not planning earlier for retirement

A new Manulife survey shared that some of those wish they had invested in a retirement plan.

Let’s compare

SingSaver introduces new Investments category so users can compare commission fees, trading fees and minimum deposits across individual online brokerage platforms.

Aviva Singapore covers allergic reactions arising from COVID-19 vaccinations

The insurer extends its health insurance coverage to medical expenses arising from side effects to the vaccine.

Succession plan for veteran hawkers

NEA rolls out new scheme which will pair aspiring successors to retiring veteran hawkers.

Freelance caregiver

Enjoy the flexibility, earn an extra income and continue to stay active.

New work culture

Cigna findings reveal that the 9 to 5, five-day week unlikely to return.

Saving more for retirement

The Government’s Matched Retirement Savings Scheme will be introduced next year.

Singaporeans not ‘investment makers’ when it comes to mobile banking

HSBC report says majority mainly use their mobile banking app for checking account balances and paying bills.

HSBC Life launches retirement solution

Singaporeans remain invested and protected from any sudden market fluctuations, while allowing them to take advantage of any potential upside.

Supporting retirement adequacy

Two Ministers’ speeches share the CPF-related schemes, and enhancements to housing.

Silver opportunities

Centre For Seniors offers a job-matching platform that is more than just silver, called Platinum.

Cause of cold sores

What is the cause of a cold sore and how can it be treated?

New CPF scheme for older employees

After scrapping its retirement age, Prudential becomes the first financial institution to raise its CPF contribution rate for employees above 55.